Xplova Brisa Air Paneled Men Jersey - Rioja Red

The name of the Viaje clothing series is coming from the Spanish "Viaje travel", also known as traveler. Using mountain tones as the main color, Xplova Viaje Short Sleeve Men Jersey provides a comfortable and quick-drying UPF50+ sunscreen fabric design, not only for indoor training but also for outdoor wear. There are 3 pockets and a waterproof pocket on the back, which can be used under any circumstances. Its reflective design enhances the safety of riding, allowing you to easily start a road adventure.
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Product Details
  • Extremely light and transparent fabric Italian functional fabric
    Extreme Brisa clothing series uses light and transparent fabric Italian functional fabric, refreshing and comfortable material, very suitable for hot summer.
  • UPF 50+ SPF fabric
    The Brisa clothing series uses UPF 50+ SPF fabrics, suitable for riding in midsummer, protecting you from UV damage, and making outdoor sports more secure.
  • Multi-cloth tailoring for body temperature regulation
    The mesh design on the side increases the breathability of the wearing, which avoids the sticky feeling of dampness on the body. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Back pocket design that is not easily stretched and deformed
    The highly elastic and non-deformable design pockets allow you to store items as you wish.
  • Take into account security
    Reflective design for safer morning/night rides and more peace of mind on road adventures!
  • Size: XS/S/M/L/XL
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