Xplova 2 Way Handlebar Pack(11L)

Xplova 2 way handlebar pack design includes quick installation and easy use, compatible with most types of vehicles, is the first choice for light roundabouts, roll-top closure structure, truly completely waterproof, compression bale bag system and has a deflation valve to adjust the volume size, the appearance is amazing.
Item No.: GP.BAG11.03E

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  • Minimize volume and maximize capacity
    The Xplova waterproof portable dual-purpose handlebar bag has a large capacity of 11L, correspondingly designed a roll-top closed structure. It has a volume-adjusting air release valve, which can achieve the maximum compression bag system while keep the size at a small size.
  • Completely waterproof material
    Dry bag made of water-repellent TPU fabric
  • Dual-purpose design, secure buckle frees hands
    Xplova Waterproof Handy Handlebar Bag can be carried by hand or fastened to the bicycle using the quick instal system, suitable for most types of vehicles, not only convenient for users to have a stable device while riding. The bag is included in the bicycle, and it also avoids its redundant interference with the riding distance.
  • With lamp holder and quick release adapter plate
    Not just a bag, the Xplova waterproof portable dual-purpose handlebar bag is also equipped with a lamp holder and a quick-release adapter plate, which is convenient for users to install and disassemble more quickly, providing safety for riding.
  • 1-year warranty
    For those who purchase this product on the Acer Apparel official website, a one-year warranty is included. For detailed information and procedures regarding the warranty, please refer to the 《Refund Policy》
  • Size: H15x W48 x D15 cm
  • Capacity: 11L
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