Predator Robust Luggage 22''

The Predator Robust Luggage seamlessly combines practicality with a rugged exterior. Equipped with TSA customs password lock, travelers can easily achieve swift clearance. The interior of the suitcase features multiple storage compartments, ensuring a well-organized journey. The silent double-row wheels provide an unparalleled gliding experience, making every step feel effortlessly smooth!
Item No.: GP.BAG11.009

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Product Details

  • TSA combination lock
    The suitcase is equipped with a TSA combination lock, ensuring smooth travel abroad and quick clearance.
  • Multiple storage compartments offering optimal space management
    The interior of the suitcase is equipped with multiple storage compartments, making it convenient to organize and categorize daily items such as headphones and charging cables.
  • Silent Dual-row Wheels
    Effectively reduces noise and shock, offering a superb user experience with 360-degree directional flexibility.
  • Aluminum Alloy Sturdy Frame
    Designed to accommodate impacts and falls, providing reliable protection for your belongings against external forces.
  • Built-in Detachable Hanger
    The suitcase comes with a detachable hanger, allowing you to hang shirts and other clothing items for easy access.
  • SIZE:22inch (63 x 27 x 41cm) / checked size

  • Capacity:54L

  • Weight:4.5kg

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