Predator Gaming Mousepad (XXL Size)

Designed to meet the needs of professional gaming players, the Predator Gaming Mousepad (XXL Size) is perfectly sized and crafted to give you full control.
Item No.: GP.MSP11.005

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Product Details
  • Waterproof surface
    While splashing water is inevitable, this mouse pad will take it like nothing. The delicate, near-zero friction surface is strong enough to withstand the occasional splash, so you can clean up quickly and get back on your game.
  • Never wear off
    The perfect mouse pad will last you a lifetime. With stitched edges, this mouse pad will be your long-term companion.
  • Rubber anti-skid bottom
    The back of this mouse pad uses 3 mm natural non-slip rubber at no cost, so you don't slide easily when using the mouse.
  • Extremely smooth and detailed surface
    The smooth feel is the key to the predator gaming mouse pad XXL's admiration, and the large area of the XXL allows you to immerse yourself in the boundless virtual world
  • Size: 3 x 450.1 x 929.9 mm
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