Predator 15.6 Rolltop Backpack

The Predator 15.6-inch roll-top backpack embodies the spirit of the Predator wolf pack and features grey as the main color. The multi-storage design, with a strap specially designed for headphones, and a headphone cable port, also designed a hidden pocket to store the AC transformer, making your storage more well-planned. The use of metal double buckles and a roll cover greatly improves the safety of the backpack. The 1.32kg pack can hold up to 100kg, allowing you to reduce stress and increase capacity.
Item No.: NP.BAG1A.290

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Product Details
  • Join the wolves
    This is no ordinary roll top backpack. Crafted from high-density polyester, the Predator symbol means you are part of the pack. Welcome, my friend!
  • Strong structure
    Two sets of gunmetal grey metal buckles securely secure the pack when the roll cover is rolled up. Strong and durable, you won't be disappointed.
  • Well-organized compartment
    Whether rolled up or unrolled, there's room for every important item of yours; that all-important Predator 151 has its own padded compartment.
  • Hidden pockets
    A pocket designed for the AC adapter is cleverly hidden at the bottom of the pack, so you never have to worry about where to put it.
  • Total comfort design
    To carry things all day long, of course, you have to carry them comfortably. With padded shoulder straps and a soft back panel, it's all about the comfort you're looking for.
  • Against a variety of environments
    From top to bottom, every detail of this pack has been thoughtfully designed to go with you. From waterproof pockets to reinforced outer layers, there are no compromises.
  • Pay attention to details
    The details are the real point. There are straps designed for headphones, headphone cables, and even reflective strips to keep them safe at night.
  • Free your hands
    Is it getting hot? Take off the jacket and use the two sets of front drawstrings on the front of the pack for storage.
  • Show strength
    Oh, did we mention that this 1.32kg backpack can withstand up to 100kg of destructive force? No matter how strong you are, it can take all those hits.
  • 1-year warranty
    For those who purchase this product on the Acer Apparel official website, a one-year warranty is included. For detailed information and procedures regarding the warranty, please refer to the 《Refund Policy》
  • Size: 66.04 x 43.18 x 15.24cm
  • Weight: 1.32kg
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