Acer Melbourne Plus Luggage Clear Cover 24 inch/ 28 inch

Specially designed for Acer Melbourne plus 24-inch and 28-inch luggage, the transparent luggage cover combines high-quality 100% PVC high-density material with exquisite radio-frequency welding, providing excellent protection and a neat appearance for your luggage. The specially designed handle opening allows you to use the handles on the top and sides of the luggage even when the cover is on. The bottom sew-on tape ensures easy installation, reducing scratches on your luggage during travel.
Item No.: GP.BAG11.06E

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Product Details

  • Durable Material
    Crafted from high-density 100% PVC, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Seamless Design
    Utilizing radio-frequency welding along the edges for a sleek and seamless finish.
  • Convenient Access
    Thoughtful handle opening design allows for easy access even with the luggage cover in use.
  • Effortless Installation, Enhanced Protection
    Equipped with bottom sew-on tape for easy installation, effectively reducing scratches on your luggage during travel.
  • Size: 53 x 34 x 30 cm (24inch) /  64 x 41 x 36 cm(28inch)
  • Weight: 460g (24inch) /  674g (28inch)
  • Material: 100% PVC
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