Xplova 2 way Handlebar Crossbody(4L)

The Xplova 2 way Handlebar crossbody is a double-pack design, in addition to being a bicycle faucet bag, it can also be a daily diagonal bag. 100% water repellent with waterproof zipper and front pocket design makes it suitable for daily riding in changing weather, and it is easier to add more storage space.
Item No.: GP.BAG11.03D

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Product Details


  • Lightweight and front pocket design can easily increase storage space
    The front pocket design increases the storage space, and the frequently used items are more easily accessible. Our lightweight design makes the overall bag lighter, which greatly reduces the burden of travel, and can also leave the weight for your own items and use the backpack for storage more efficiently.
  • Double pack design
    The Xplova Shoulder Handlebar Bag can be a bike tap bag or an everyday crossbody bag. The design of one pack and two backs is suitable for personal use and can be adjusted according to your own preferences.
  • Water repellent fabric with waterproof zipper, suitable for riding in different climates
    The Xplova Shoulder Handlebar Bag is made of highly water repellent material, so even when you go out to ride in inclement weather, the contents of the bag can be kept dry and water-free
  • 1 year-warranty
    For those who purchase this product on the Acer Apparel official website, a one-year warranty is included. For detailed information and procedures regarding the warranty, please refer to the 《Refund Policy》
  • Size: H29x W28X D15 cm
  • Capacity: 4L
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