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Vero aims to shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection and create a full range of eco-friendly products. 
Sustainability is a top priority throughout the end-to-end life cycle of these products, from production to recycling. Under the Vero brand, we offer a wide range of products such as Aspire Vero laptops, mouse, mouse pads, bags, and laptop sleeves, etc. Some products such as notebook sleeves, mice, and mouse pads are available in both gray and black colors, offering a wide range of products to choose from. 

We use recycled PET bottles instead of incinerate them to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.
Under the consideration of both practical aesthetics and environmental protection, Acer Apparel has also created Acer Vero series of eco-friendly bags! We have used 385,535 post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET bottles in our design and production of VERO Series bags and accessories since 2021. The height of the recycled bottles is 88,673 meters, which is equivalent to 170 Taipei 101s stacked together. We have already reduced CO2 emissions totaling 244,430 kg. Our products are designed with sustainability in mind; recycling bottles instead of incineration saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. 

With the theme of sustainability and coexistence with the environment, Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) bottles are reborn!
In line with the original idea of "sustainable design that also protects the environment", Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR) is not only environmentally friendly and more sustainable, but also can reduce the amount of waste buried in landfills. Environmental protection and design can coexist in harmony for the greater good. By using environmentally friendly paper products and recyclable and renewable materials to reduce the impact on the environment, people can enjoy products and do their part for the earth at the same time. We believe that "reducing the impact on the environment and creating a better world requires our joint and concerted effort." This can be as small as changes in packaging materials to as large as shifts in resources for the entire supply chain and manufacturing process. It is evident that Acer Vero is persisting in the same direction, which will undoubtedly make the world a better place and is something worth exploring.

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