Bicycle Light Recommendations - Brightness and Power Source. How to Choose? A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Bicycle Lights

During this summer travel season, are you also planning on embarking on an adventurous cycling journey around the island? Or, gather a few good friends and cycle together late at night, enjoying the gentle summer breeze brushing against your face. However, every voyage without the appropriate bicycle accessories for safety protection can lead to potential perils, particularly without the bicycle lights that allow us to see oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

In this article, we will introduce the types of bicycle lights, buying tips, and other bicycle accessories that can ensure your safety during the ride. Let's take a closer look!

I. What are the types of bicycle lights? Understanding the Functions of Front and Rear Lights

Bicycle lights can generally be categorized into two types: front lights and rear lights. Let's explore their functions:

Type 1: Front Lights

Front lights, as the name suggests, are placed at the front of the bicycle. Their main function is to illuminate the road ahead, providing clearer vision for the rider and making themselves visible in the dark to avoid being unnoticed by nearby vehicles.

The function of bicycle front lights is to illuminate the road ahead.

Type 2: Rear Lights

Compared to bicycle front lights, the bicycle rear light is responsible for alerting vehicles behind the bicycle to its presence. Therefore, its brightness is usually lower than that of the front light, as its primary purpose is visibility rather than illuminating the road.

II. How do I choose bicycle lights? Here's a summary of bicycle lights in terms of lumens, functions, and power sources.

Key Points for Choosing Lumens for Bicycle Lights

If you are planning on buying bicycle lights, you will often come across the term "lumens," which indicates the brightness level of the light. A higher lumen value means a brighter light, which is a crucial factor to consider when selecting bicycle lights.

For different types of cycling, the required lumens for bicycle lights may vary. For daytime rides or when there are streetlights at night, a front light with 200 to 300 lumens is recommended. If you ride in darker areas, opt for a front light with 400 lumens or more. As for rear lights, since they are not used for illuminating the road, 10 lumens is sufficient to serve as a warning signal.

Key Points for Choosing Functions for Bicycle Lights

Bicycle lights come in various types. Therefore, you should assess your needs in advance and select the most suitable bicycle light accordingly. For example, some lights have waterproof functionality, ensuring a worry-free ride in sudden rain. Other lights may have adjustable brightness settings, allowing riders to customize the intensity to conserve battery life.

Bicycle lights have various functions, such as waterproofing and light adjustment.

Key Points for Choosing Power Source for Bicycle Lights

Bicycle lights can be classified into three types based on their power source: rechargeable, battery-operated, and solar-powered lights. The advantages of rechargeable lights are that you don't need to constantly buy batteries; you can simply charge them. Battery-powered lights, although more troublesome, allow for immediate battery replacement if you find the bicycle light running out of power halfway through your ride. Finally, solar-powered lights are also a popular choice for many people due to their environmental friendliness; however, they have a longer charging time.

III. What other bicycle accessories do we recommend besides bicycle lights? Carrying Xplova iluminación for Safe Riding!

Imagine walking or riding on the road with constant fear and unease. Especially at night when visibility is poor, inadequate lighting often leads to traffic accidents. This is precisely why the Xplova iluminación series was born!

The Xplova iluminación is made of 100% reflective polyester and features large reflective patches that remind nearby vehicles of your presence at all times. The light reflection ratio reaches 200 meters, helping to enhance road blind spot identification. This backpack serves as an additional safety accessory apart from bicycle lights, giving you peace of mind while cycling at night!

Xplova iluminación.

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